easyTeams: The Ultimate Survival-Friendly Minecraft Mod for Team Play

easyTeams: The Ultimate Survival-Friendly Minecraft Mod for Team Play


Playing Minecraft with friends is always a blast, but what if teaming up could be even more seamless and fun? Introducing easyTeams, a survival-friendly datapack/mod that makes playing in teams a breeze. With 15 different teams to choose from, each corresponding to a unique non-white dye color, you can easily join, switch, or leave teams with a simple crafting recipe. Let’s dive into the details of how easyTeams can enhance your Minecraft experience.

Why easyTeams is a Game-Changer

I’ve been an avid Minecraft player for years, and one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is collaborating with friends. However, coordinating team activities can sometimes be a hassle, especially when managing friendly fire and team communication. That’s where easyTeams comes in. This mod simplifies everything, making team play not just manageable but genuinely enjoyable.

Key Features of easyTeams

  1. Colored Nametags: One of the standout features is the ability to have your name displayed in your team’s color. This makes it easy to identify teammates in the heat of battle or while exploring vast landscapes.
  2. Friendly Fire Disabled: No more accidental hits during intense group fights. With friendly fire disabled, you can focus on defeating your enemies without worrying about harming your friends.
  3. Team-Only Death Messages and Nametags: When you’re part of a team, your death messages and nametags are visible only to your team members. This keeps team communication clear and uncluttered.
  4. Private Team Chat: Use the /teammsg command to chat exclusively with your team members, ensuring that your strategies and plans remain confidential.

Installation and Compatibility

The ‘easyTeams’ data pack is compatible with the latest Minecraft versions and works with Fabric, Forge, and Quilt. Installation is straightforward:

  1. Download the Data Pack: Visit the Modrinth page for ‘easyTeams’ and download the latest version.
  2. Install the Data Pack: Place the downloaded file into your Minecraft world’s datapacks folder.
  3. Reload Your World: Start or reload your Minecraft world to apply the data pack.

How to Join a Team

Joining a team is straightforward. Simply place a Wooden Sword and the dye of your chosen team color (e.g., Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange, etc.) in the crafting grid. Click on the dye in the output box, and voila, you’ve joined the team corresponding to that color!

image-2 easyTeams: The Ultimate Survival-Friendly Minecraft Mod for Team Play

Switching or Leaving Teams

Not happy with your current team? No problem. You can easily switch teams by crafting with a different dye color or leave your team by using White Dye in the crafting grid. You don’t need to leave your team to switch—just craft with the new team color dye, and you’re set.

image-3 easyTeams: The Ultimate Survival-Friendly Minecraft Mod for Team Play

My Personal Experience with easyTeams

I remember one particularly chaotic session where my friends and I were exploring a dungeon. Without easyTeams, we were constantly hitting each other by mistake, leading to frustration and wasted resources. Since installing easyTeams, our dungeon runs have been much smoother. The colored nametags make it easy to spot each other, and not having to worry about friendly fire has made our adventures far more enjoyable.

In another instance, we were setting up a large-scale PvP event. Coordinating teams used to be a logistical nightmare. But with easyTeams, assigning players to different teams was a breeze, and the team-only chat ensured that our strategies remained secret until the battle commenced.


In summary, easyTeams is a must-have for anyone who loves playing Minecraft with friends. Its intuitive features, like colored nametags, disabled friendly fire, private team chats, and easy team switching, significantly enhance the team play experience. Whether you’re exploring dungeons, engaging in PvP battles, or just building together, easyTeams makes it all more fun and hassle-free. Give it a try, and you’ll see just how much it improves your gameplay.

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